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What is the customer annual review?

At Bromford, we have always been open and transparent about how we’re doing. Whether that’s providing a top-quality repairs service you can trust, support services to help you manage finances or get into work or stylish, but affordable, shared ownership homes to help you onto the property ladder.

As part of this transparency, we produce the customer annual review, a chance for us to share key stats and information from the last year. Ultimately, it’s about telling you where we’re doing things right, where we’re going wrong and what we are doing about it.

So, start turning the pages of this digital magazine and take a look at what we’ve done, how we’ve done and, most importantly, what we’ve got planned.

In the end, the way we work and the services we offer is influenced by your opinion, so if you have something to share, or feel we’ve missed something glaringly obvious over the following pages, just get in touch.

And remember, if you have an idea for a service, make sure you suggest it to the Bromford Lab.


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