Customer Annual Review 2014 CAR 2014 - Page 16

You Can

The YouCan Foundation is Bromford’s starter fund to support bright ideas. Customers have told us that it can be quite difficult to get help with new ideas so our aim is to make the process of getting start up funding easy and accessible to all. YouCan is offering grants of up to £300, we want to help you change and inspire your local community! Click here to see how you can benefit from a £300 grant.







Hopefully over the last 14 pages you’ve got some idea of how well we’re performing, but more so what we have on the horizon for the next year. To finish off, Nick Cummins summarises our top three priorities.

We’ve been busy improving our services based on your feedback but, not a business to rest on our laurels, we’ve got far more to come in the next 12 months. If I were to summarise what our colleagues will be focusing upon over the next year I’d say….

Expanding the Bromford Deal – We mention the Deal a lot, but the values of the Deal are core to our future. We’re going to be widening the opportunities available for customers, and we're committed to investing an additional £1million this year supporting people to find work, feel more confident about managing money (especially with the approach of Universal Credit) and help manage their health and wellbeing better.

Investing in our homes – We have decided to invest an additional £6million over the next few years to fund the installation of 2,400 more modern, energy-efficient central heating systems. This is on top of the 6,000 new systems we had already committed to and responds to our aim to achieve more comfortable, fuel-efficient homes for you.

In some specific locations we will begin redevelopment of homes that because of their age or the way they were built, will never meet the standards we are setting for the future.

Getting what you need from us - It’s understandable that some of you have raised issues with the way we communicate, such as keeping you up to date on repairs or when you’re due an MOT. For that reason, we’re working hard to improve our website and social media so

that you can get what you need from us in ways and at times that suit you. We’re creating easier ways to pay rent, arrange repairs and track their progress and top tips on getting the best out of your home.

We look forward to keeping you in

touch with progress on all these

things during the year ahead.

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