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Work clubs

Our work clubs are available to adults who require support and guidance to find employment, volunteer in their community, prepare for interviews, build a CV and access training opportunities.

We work in partnership with other agencies such as job centres, training providers and voluntary groups to help you achieve your aspirations. To find out more and to see if there’s a job club near you, click here

Around half of each pound of your rent goes towards the services you receive from us. This includes our contact centre and all repairs and maintenance to your home. This also helps us keep your neighbourhood in good condition by, for example, cutting the grass and cleaning communal hallways.

10p in the pound goes towards improving your home by replacing major items such as your kitchen, bathroom, heating systems or windows and doors. Last year we invested £12million here.

22p, just under a quarter, enables us to build new homes, helping existing customers looking for a new place to live and new families looking to get onto the property ladder.

So the majority of your rent goes towards your services, your home and building a better future together. Well, 79p to be exact.

The remaining 21p goes towards our interest bill and repayment of the loans used to build your home.

As Bromford has expanded over the years, we are now becoming more self-reliant. This means that we are not taking government grants to fund our homes and services. By being efficient and investing wisely, we are now generating income to help fund our future.

We are not looking for

hand-outs. We are

looking to stand on

our own two feet.

To find out more about our value for money, click here.

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Value for money


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