Customer Annual Review 2014 CAR 2014 - Page 13



What is next for the Deal?

Having spent the last couple of years making sure that we know what works, we have started to offer the Deal to our existing customers – with some great results.

Over the coming months we will be offering more of you the chance to be part of the Deal. You’ll have access to opportunities with our skills coaches and job clubs. If you’re looking to get into work or change your career, we have links with a whole range of local employers, large and small, and can help match your skills to the jobs they have on offer. We can provide a range of support to help you manage your money, your health, your home and get linked in with other local resources.

We are really excited to be able to offer all of these fantastic opportunities to our existing customers from now on, meaning we can really expand the Deal.

As we roll the Deal out to more areas, you'll be getting a call from us. We will share timescales about this on the Bromford website, in the Deal Hub.

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