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How does the Bromford Deal work?

We provide you with a home and invest our time and energy into helping you find out what your skills, aspirations, ambitions and talents are and how you can make the most of them. We look to help you work towards your goals and connect you to networks of mutual help and support with neighbours and groups in your community.

In return, we expect you to work with us to achieve these goals. This includes, if you are not already in work, training or helping out in your community, taking steps to change this with our help.

What support do we offer you on the Deal?

We run an employment and skills programme and over 2,000 people reguarly attend our job clubs. We organise job fairs with lots of employers, provide skills coach consultations and so far we’ve helped over 600 people into work and 300 into training. We also support anyone who wants to improve their skills to get a better job and offer advice on how best to manage your tenancy and assist with preventing anti-social behaviour.

How many people have signed up for the Deal?

Since we launched the Deal, we've had nearly 5,000 new customers sign up and we have helped nearly a quarter of these customers either back into work and training, or helped them contribute to their community.

Delivering the Deal

Here at Bromford we believe in people.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve more, that’s why two years ago we introduced the Bromford Deal to all our new rented customers.


the Deal