CUNY Policies | Page 6

Confidential Employees
( communications are confidential )
Responsible Employees ( duty to report )
Other Employees
( strongly encouraged to report )
Counselor or other staff member of the college counseling center ; nurse , nurse practitioner or other staff member in the college health office , pastoral counselor , if available at college , staff member in a women ’ s or men ’ s center
Title IX Coordinator and office staff , Public Safety employees ( all ), Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs , Residence Life staff , College President , Vice President and Deans , athletics staff ( all ), department chairpersons / executive officers , Human Resources staff ( all ), University Office of the General Counsel employees ( all ), College / unit attorney and labor designee and office staff , faculty when leading off-campus trips , faculty / staff advisors to student groups , all employees who are managers , all SEEK / College Discovery staff
Encouraged by CUNY to report
Employees CUNY ’ s work / life program Same as above Same as above
Your Role as a Responsible Employee
1 . Before a student reveals any information he or she may wish to keep confidential , you must ensure the student understands that you are obligated to report incidents covered by the CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct to the appropriate College authorities .
2 . If the student wants to maintain confidentiality direct them to a confidential source for example , the campus counseling center , nurse , nurse practitioner or other staff member in the student health center or the pastoral counselor ( counselor who is also a religious leader ).
3 . Employees can have a confidential conversation and get free confidential support services through CUNY ’ s Work / Life Program and through confidential community counseling resources . If the employee reports an incident to you , you are obligated to report it to the Title IX Coordinator .
Do not try to handle any complaint you receive from an employee or student on your own .
The following sections address areas all faculty and staff should be familiar with when traveling abroad . Faculty and staff should contact the Title IX Coordinator for additional specific guidance about these and other areas covered by CUNY policies .
Faculty Staff Traveling Abroad with Students
Travel abroad provides opportunities for students to enrich their college experience through study abroad , research and volunteer activities . If a study abroad or volunteer program is faculty or staff led and sponsored by the College Title IX legal protections apply . There are two CUNY guidelines that apply to travel abroad with CUNY students .
The Title IX Compliance Guidelines for CUNY Employees Traveling Abroad with Students explains the rights and responsibilities of students who experience sexual misconduct while participating in a CUNY-sponsored trip or program abroad . The Guidelines also explain how Program Directors and other CUNY employees can minimize the risk of sexual misconduct and the appropriate way to respond to a student complaint of sexual misconduct while abroad and after returning to campus . The Guidelines can be downloaded from the following site : http :// www1 . cuny . edu / sites / title-ix / wp-content / uploads / sites / 2 / page-assets / resources / Title-IX- Abroad-Employee-Guide . pdf .
The second document is Understanding Title IX Guidelines When Abroad : A Student Guide . Program Directors are required to distribute this document to students and review it with them as part of the pre-departure orientation . You can download the guidelines from the following site : https :// www . ccny . cuny . edu / sites / default / files /_ TIX-Abroad-Student-Guide . pdf .