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INTRODUCTION Colleges and universities across the United States are required by federal, state and city legislation to create and maintain safe campus environments for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Three important pieces of legislation in this area are Title IX, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act of 2013, and the recently enacted New York State law “Enough is Enough”. globe therefore, this booklet also describes the protocols faculty and staff must follow when traveling with students on college sponsored trips. Finally, Lehman, like other public colleges and universities in the nation, must comply with the reporting requirements of The Clery Act and the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act of 2013. Employees holding a position designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) by The Jeanne Clery Act help us to comply with the reporting requirements. The section of this booklet titled The Clery Act and Campus Security Authorities explains who a Campus Security Authority is and what a CSA is required to do. When people speak about Title IX they are referring to the Education Amendments Act of 1972, a landmark federal civil rights act that prohibits sex discrimination in public and private educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. Title IX may be best known for requiring gender equity in athletics but it is not just about sports, it is so much more. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in recruitment, admissions, financial aid and scholarships, course offerings and access, counseling, hiring and retention of employees, benefits and leaves, housing, health and insurance benefits, marital and parental status. Title IX also covers acts such as sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence (dating and domestic violence), all behaviors prohibited by the CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct. Title IX benefits everyone-girls and boys and women and men regardless of their perceived sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. Female, male, and gender non-conforming students, faculty and staff are protected from any sex-based discrimination, harassment or violence. Title IX is at the heart of efforts to create educational equity for all. You can find additional guidance about these and other CUNY policies on the College Policies page of the Lehman College website ( and the Title IX website ( homepage/campus/lehman-college/). We encourage you to complete the Haven online program for faculty and staff to become better informed about sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual violence and, to acquire the skills to become a leader in prevention. The City University of New York is deeply committed to strengthening policies and improving programs to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all members of the University community. At Lehman, we are firmly committed to doing everything possible to create an environment where all members of the College community experience a remarkable sense of belonging, lives are enriched and positive transformations take place. The Campus SaVE Act amended The Jeanne Clery Act (Clery Act) to require increased transparency on campuses about incidents of sexual violence. The SaVE Act also guarantees victims enhanced rights, sets standards for disciplinary proceedings, and requires campus-wide education programs for students, faculty and staff. SaVE also requires that incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking be reported in annual campus crime statistic reports. This booklet provides general information about the policies. Employees are encouraged to consult the contact person for each policy for additional, specific information. On the state level, the “Enough is Enough” legislation (New York State Education Law Article 129-B), signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo in July 2015, seeks to combat sexual assault on college and university campuses throughout New York State and establishes new requirements for colleges and universities to respond to reports of sexual misconduct. This booklet begins with an overview of four CUNY policies: the Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination, the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, the Domestic Violence in the Workplace and the Policy on Sexual Misconduct, followed by an expanded discussion of the Policy on Sexual Misconduct. Our campus extends far beyond its 37 acres to regions around the 3