Cumbria ACF - Force Protection Newsletter December 2012

Cumbria Army Cadet Force “Force Protection” Newsletter Mr Dean Kirkpatrick - SHEF Coordinator E-mail Tel: 01228 516231 Newsletter Winter 2012 Issue No 2 Inside this Issue: Myth of the Moment – Winter Driving – AINC Duty Officer – Emergency Contact from a Mobile Phone – Don’t Gamble with Ammo – Frost Precautions -Myth of the MomentThe reality Bah Humbug! Each year we hear of companies banning their workers from putting up Christmas decorations in their offices for 'health and safety' reasons, or requiring the work to be done by a 'qualified' person. Most organisations including HSE and local councils manage to put up their decorations, celebrating the spirit of Christmas without a fuss. They just sensibly provide their staff with suitable step ladders to put up decorations rather than expecting staff to balance on wheelie chairs. -Winter DrivingWinter conditions are the most testing that the average driver will face during the year. The last couple of winters have shown how difficult winter weather can be A third of all crashes happen on roads that are either wet or frozen. Frost, ice or snow on the road will reduce the grip of tyres, which means you’re much more likely to skid, and it can take 10 times longer to stop than on a dry road. – including prolonged periods of heavy snow, ice and The overriding point is to drive within your capabilities for the prevailing weather conditions and leave in plenty of time. flooding. Stating the obvious! Check the vehicles that you drive (both military and civilian) are prepared for the seasons worst – It has been reported that winter 2012/13 will be the coldest for almost 150 years! Fit winter tyres Check fuel, oil, coolant and washer bottles Check your lights before making a journey If you have concerns about your battery – get it checked out Additional winter kit – Torch , shovel, car rug, ice scraper etc Tow-rope and the vehicles tools are present and correct Check the weather forecast Fully remove frost and snow from the whole vehicle – The roof as well as the screens, lights and mirrors! -AINC Duty Officer-