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“Welcome Home.” Annette Renaud REALTOR® Cell: 931-287-3475 Office: 931-484-5122 363441-1001 BE A VOLUNTEER BLOOD DONOR ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE! 79 S. Main Street Crossville, TN Tuesday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm 1 st Saturday of each month: 8am - Noon 931-337-0800 MEDIC Regional Blood Center is a nonprofit organization supplying blood products to Cumberland Medical Center. UT Gardens at Crossville Plateau Discovery Garden offers a comparison of common turf grasses, allowing homeowners to see how each performs in the unique Plateau climate. Cumberland County Extension Agent Greg Upchurch recommends turftype fescues. looking lawn is using appropriate maintenance methods: cut cool season grasses at the high end of the suggested length range midspring through summer, mow frequently cutting no more than a third of the grass blade at any one time. Don’t mow when grass is wet. Find more details on the University of Tennessee web page Type the word “lawn” in the search box. Choose “Selecting, Establishing & Maintaining the Fescues” for more about the four lawngrass climate zones in Tennessee, when to seed, when to install sod, and more about fescue lawns. Find general information on soil testing, cutting heights for common lawn grasses and more in the pamphlet “Fertilization & Management of Home Landscapes”. Explore the site for more topics. A local homeowner emailed to ask about their cool season turfgrass: My husband and I moved to the plateau from Illinois last fall (2019). Our builder put some grass seed down, but it was very spotty. This spring, we overseeded with Kentucky 31 (I think). That didn’t work too well, so we went over that with a blend of fescue, perennial rye and Kentucky bluegrass. That worked better but we still have bare spots and lots of weeds. My questions are: when can we apply weed killer, when can we fertilize and when can we reseed again? We would really appreciate your advice. Response: September through the end of October is the best time (and some University of Tennessee experts say the only COOKEVILLE 303 N Oak Ave, Cookeville, TN & CROSSVILLE 29 Taylor Ave #101 Crossville, TN 931-484-6061 CDERM.NET MOHS SKIN CANCER SURGERY + ACNE/RASHES + BLUE LIGHT FOR PRE-CANCERS + SKIN CANCER EXAMS & TREATMENT + MICRONEEDLING + BOTOX & FILLERS 363427-1001 Cumberland Now • September 2020 | 21