Cumberland Now Volume 1, Issue 8 - Page 20

The key to a beautiful lawn is selecting the best grass for the Cumberland Plateau. Cool season lawn grasses are recommended here, with a peak growing season in the fall. Fall is time to tend your lawn Want a beautiful lawn? Turfgrass specialists refurbish your lawn using seed or sod. say the secret is promoting good turfgrass growth. Cumberland County Extension agent Gregg Plants compete for available water, nutrients and Upchurch commented on turf type varieties, light. Thick healthy turf with deep roots can “There are many good turf grass type fescues that out-compete most undesirable plants/weeds and perform well here on the Plateau. I prefer turftype fescues over KY 31. Of those I like the new better tolerate temperature extremes. Get the right grass for the Plateau, find your best spots to grow novel turf type fescues with tendencies for rhizome expression. A few brand names are ‘RTF’ turf, and be meticulous in your mowing and other maintenance. (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue), ‘Defiance XRE’ What is the right grass for your site? Location (XRE stands for extreme rhizome expression), dictates climate and elevation. Warm season turfgrasses (Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass) grow best grass fescues have a tendency to spread out which ‘Trophy XRE,’ and ‘Rendition RX.’ These turf- in temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit in summertime. When weather cools in Once a turfgrass is selected, establishing it in allow them to fill in thin areas. autumn they go dormant, turn brown or straw-colored and stay that way until the weather warms in time is the next step. Avoid sites in your land- the most advantageous growing spots at the right springtime. Warm season turfgrass is better suited to the temperatures and humidity of flatlands locations with shallow soil, dense woods, and scape that are not turf-friendly such as rocky toward the Mississippi River, the Central Basin to steep slopes. Do enhance growing conditions by our west, and the Tennessee Valley to our east. improving factors like soil fertility and pH as Cool season lawn grasses are recommended for our climate. Fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, penetration near trees and shrubs, soil drainage, indicated by a soil test, air movement and light and ryegrass are some cool season lawn grasses. Peak growing time for cool season turfgrass- selected lawn grass. An extremely important but and soil compaction to meet the needs of your es is autumn. Right now is the time to establish or often overlooked factor in the quest for the best Plateau Yards & Gardens story and photos by C. Rae Hozer Tennessee Master Gardener 20 | Cumberland Now • September 2020