Cumberland Now Volume 1, Issue 8 - Page 13

Medina and owner Margarita Navarro of Navarro’s Food Truck show off huaraches, a popular dish at their authentic Mexican truck. Mark Cofer of Mark’s Specialty Seafood takes an order from his truck, typically parked at Young Pharmacy on Wednesdays. Swift N Tasty is a new food truck that typically sets up in Fairfield Glade at DinkyDoo’s and offers authentic Greek cuisine, including gyros, pictured above. Left, owners Antonia and Romeo Swift take orders during their first week of operation. authentic Greek food to the Cumberland Plateau. “We started this place up about a week ago,” said Romeo Swift, co-owner of Swift ’N’ Tasty. “We’re brand new; the idea came to us this year. We serve authentic Greek cuisine like gyros, souvlaki and daily specials. We also sell America home cooking, like pizza and burgers, if nobody is feeling adventurous.” Swift ’N’ Tasty can be found in Fairfield Glade in the DinkyDoo’s parking lot on a regular basis. “We set up Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” Swift added. “This is pretty much where we’re going to stay.” Seafood fans can also cure their cravings right from a food truck every Wednesday and Friday at Mark’s Specialty Seafood. “We have a restaurant-style menu; I don’t carry just five or six items,” said Mark Cofer, owner. We’ve been doing the food truck for about a year now. We go all across Tennessee, and we’re up here at Young Pharmacy every Wednesday, and on Fridays we go out toward Fairfield Glade.” Mark’s Specialty Seafood boasts a menu packed with maritime favorites, including salmon burgers, lobster rolls, a spicy perch sandwich, popcorn shrimp, fried oysters and more. Those with a sweet tooth have no shortage of choices from Crossville food trucks, either. “We do this for a living,” said Christina Mast of Miss Miller’s Donuts. “We’ve got our regular glazed, and we can also chocolate dip, do sprinkles, coconut, cinnamon sugar and a caramel truffle doughnut. “We do Saturdays here in town and Wednesdays at Peavine Rd. beside McDonald’s.” Also new to the dessert truck scene is the Waffle Iron, which offers a variety of waffle-themed dessert items. Special occasions bring other food trucks to Crossville on a regular basis. The versatility of food trucks keeps Crossville’s dining experience changing on a daily basis. Most of Crossville’s food trucks can be found on Facebook, where menus, schedules and more are posted, but the best way to sample the local offering is to go out and try them yourself. Cumberland Now • September 2020 | 13