Cullman Senior Spring 2021 - Page 8

Feeling Connected in

Times of Covid

By Sherry Brown LICSW

Staying connected to others is important to everyone ; it gives us a sense of belonging , validation and fulfills a need to be there for others . It gets us out of our own head to hear the words of others and to be mentally connected . It is essential to keep physically moving ( safely of course ), to stay mentally stimulated and to express emotions and concerns to others .

Some suggestions to consider are as follows : 1 . Porch sitting – watching traffic , neighborhood activity , being outside of the house , seeing the world , fresh air . 2 . Walking – Social distancing and wearing mask if public area . Take a pet for a walk . The exercise and the fresh air keep the mind stimulated and our bodies physically healthier . 3 . Netflix or other movie program – Documentaries on travel , cooking shows , famous people and then just some lighthearted comedy because laughter is good for the soul . 4 . Read to a grandchild , niece or nephew over the phone or watch a movie together over the phone to laugh together . 5 . Be creative – if you painted in the past , or crocheted or knitted , or did some woodwork or journaled pick it back up . It ’ s great to stimulate the mind with creativity . 6 . Find some new activities to do – Puzzles , gardening , a hobby you ’ ve wanted to try . There are many online tutorials to learn and try new things . 7 . Stay connected to others – call family , friends , others you know that could also use a pickup in their life .
8 . Check for safe neighborhood activities that organizations are offering 9 . If you drive , go for a drive just for a change of scenery and to be out of the house 10 . Try to maintain a regular routine of some sorts – getting up a certain time , eating healthy foods , having some tasks or a plan for your day . It sets up a plan of action for your day and you end the day on a more productive note . 11 . Stay connected spiritually – many churches offering online services and online bible studies or can engage with a friend over the phone to do a study together . 12 . Express your emotions – if you start feeling depression or anxiety let people know who care , follow-up for medical care if needed . Another idea to stay connected is to create a private Facebook page just for the family where pictures , messages and encouragements can be shared together .
Family members engage with your loved ones who are homebound often . Ask them about their day , watch for warning signs of depression , encourage them to stay engaged with activities and tasks . If they need internet or help with electronics or online help them have the tools they need and some assistance on how to utilize . Set them up with delivery services for items they need such as medicine or groceries .
Remember that in difficult times stay connected physically , emotionally , mentally and spiritually . Practice safety for your health and wellbeing . Be intentional to stay engaged with others . One step at a time we will get through these times and joy does come in the morning .