Cullman Senior Spring 2021 - Page 5

Jeff Clemons pictured with Secretary of State John Merill .
we opened the Winter Wonderland at Sportsman Lake to our seniors 60 +, free of admission ,” Clemons said . “ We wanted to do something special for them since we weren ’ t able to have a Christmas party this year because of the pandemic . Our staff with the Commission on Aging is working hard to find ways to get our seniors out of the house and involved in something . “ The pandemic has been devasting on our seniors . The centers , that ’ s their family and many of them don ’ t have any other family . There have been several of them who have passed away and it ’ s just devastating .”
Clemons said that he and Commission on Aging Director Dusty Baker are working hard together to figure out ways to improve the quality of life for seniors .
“ We are doing our best to come up with ways to get them out of the house during this pandemic and more involved ,” he said .
Some of the main things that Clemons said he hopes to focus on in his first year is economic development and going after grants to bring money back to Cullman County .
“ It just doesn ’ t stop there though ,” he said . “ Our first responders and volunteer fire departments are very crucial in keeping us safe . I hope to work more on grants for all the communities that don ’ t have storm shelters . There are communities that are yet to have a storm shelter . We can go after grants to utilize that money for communities that don ’ t have them .”
Clemons also said that if tornado sirens aren ’ t working ,
somebody is going to have to take the initiative to get them fixed .
Clemons has been married to his wife Deborah for 32 years . She said that she was very proud of her husband , both of his election and his good reputation . “ He is a very hard working , honest person ,” she said . “ Whatever he does , he works at what he does , and he will serve the people really well .”
Jeff Clemons poses with many senior citizens in Cullman County .
If you have any questions or would like to talk to Jeff Clemons , please email him at jclemons @ co . cullman . al . us or call him at 256-775-4878 .