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came back to Pleasant View . Pleasant View has been my home church since that time . A couple of years after my dad came to pastor at Pleasant View , the Rayford King family joined our fellowship . The oldest child of that family was Vickie King . She was 5 years younger than I . She played the piano , and I was interested in singing . For several years , Vickie and her brother Randy , my sister Robbi , and I sang together , and in 1970 we began taking appointments to sing in different churches . We sang and made a couple recordings of long-play albums . Our first album entitled “ Be Not Afraid ” and the second was “ A Story That Never Shall Die ”.
Later on , Vickie and I became engaged to be married . In the Fall of 1973 she was chosen as Fair Queen at the Cullman County Fair , and her reign as Fair Queen ended September of 1974 . On September 27 , 1974 , we were married at the church we had learned to love . Vickie has been for 46 plus year , the love of my life , she has been my stronghold and my greatest supporter . We both are retired teachers and we have been blessed throughout our careers as teachers .
4 : Would you mind sharing why you decided to run for State Representative ?
As for a love for politics and political goals , I have never loved politics . I ran and served 8 years on the Cullman County School board . I actually felt compelled to run for that office . At the time of my retirement , I was Vocational and Career Technical Director for Cullman County Schools . I was dealing with much talk of trending away from career-tech curriculum . Even in our own system , there was talk of limiting students ’ choices of Careertechnical courses . I felt uncomfortable about any limits or restriction on those students . Every child , teen-aged student has an ability to learn . Some learn easily from academic courses ; some need the hands-on approach to learning . To limit Career-tech would mean some students would fall-through-the-cracks of education . I retired and began running for election to the Cullman County School Board . When I went to pay my qualifying fee to run , the Republican chairman , asked me , “ Are you a Republican ?” I replied , “ I am a conservative , and the Republicans are the closest to that I can find .” I ran and was elected for 2 , 4-year terms as a representative to Cullman County School Board . Later on , I ran for an unexpired term for Alabama House District 11 . Again , I felt compelled to run for that seat . I had several people in the district to suggest that I run on a “ conservative platform ”. I ran and made the run-off . I tell people that I ran , I gave it my best shot , but I came up short on election day . I say I did not win , but in all actuality , I did win . I brought my values to the table , and I feel I still have a voice in the legislative process in our Alabama House of Representatives .
5 : Now , that you are retired what do you do for fun ? Share all your activities you are involved in now ( Are you busier now than you ever were before ?)
Since our retirement , Vickie and I have had the opportunity to go to Hawaii , Alaska , South Dakota , New England area and to the mountains on several occasions . We love to see what God has created and provided for us to enjoy . We loved to travel with our late pastor and his wife . They were our traveling buddies . Vickie is the pianist at church and I direct the congregational music . This is a path that she and I have been on for many , many years . We teach a young couples ’ Sunday School class , and we are fortunate to be able to interact with all those young people . God has definitely blessed us in the area of church relationships .
6 : Please share specific details about your family , such as children , grandchildren , etc .
Vickie and I have 3 married children , and seven grandchildren . Our son Wesley has two children Allison age 20 , a student at Wallace State studying Criminal Justice , and Dawson age 16 , a student at Mt Pleasant Christian School , where he plays basketball and performs in the band .
Our son Stanley and wife Chelsie have 2 children who attend Holly Pond Elementary school . Khison is 9 and he loves farming . He recently showed a lamb in the lamb show in Cullman . He told me last night he is now in 4-H . Kyliahna is 8 and she loves dance and gymnastics . She recently began lessons in riding horses .
Our daughter Stacey and her husband Heath Little have 3 children . Brayden , who is 11 attends Arab Jr . High School . He is interested in History , and Science oriented things . The youngest of our family is a set of twins Maddi and Molli . They are 7 and they attend Arab Primary School . They are active in dance , and gymnastics .
7 : If you have anything else you would like to add , please share here .
After I retired from Cullman County School as a teacheradministrator , I went into part-time work for Eva Bank as a field man for them . I did appraisals ( evaluations ), home inspections , insurance claim inspections . For the past 17 + years I worked for Eva Bank . I also worked on an at-need basis for ( most recently ) Cullman Heritage Funeral Home . Both of these jobs are very rewarding and they allow me to interact with people from all walks of life . Whether working with someone in banking or at time of a death in the family , these people need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on . I recently terminated my employment with Eva Bank due to COVID19 , and our younger grandchildren being in school . Vickie and I did not know which days we may need to help with grandchildren . The grandchildren were in school on some days and off on other days , while parents are needing to work at their jobs . We did not know if we would have 1 child , 3 children are 5 children , on any given day . I felt that the needs of our grandchildren were higher priority than the job .