Cullman Senior Spring 2021 - Page 24

pottery . “ I wasn ’ t really good at it at first , but really enjoyed it ,” she said . “ As time went on , I continued to gather equipment and tools ; honed my skills in both wheel thrown and hand built pottery . I love to just be creative . I don ’ t always know what a piece will be when I start on the clay ; just takes you places and I am all over the place .”
Abbott said she does not have one specific thing that she specializes in . “ I make all type of dishes , jugs , face jugs , roosters , Nativities , angels , flower pots , or pumpkins . Just really anything that strikes me . I consider myself a folk artist because it may be creepy today and Angelic tomorrow . Honestly , I love just to use my imagination .”
She proudly displays the work of her students - including Graves ’ - bragging on their artistic skill and showing the variety of work they have done over time .
“ I ’ ve always loved to share my knowledge and skills , even while in nursing with others ,” said Abbott . “ A few of my friends started to come and join me in my studio . I teach a few classes to share
my knowledge and skills , showing people the art of the pottery and unlocking the talents in others !
“ I absolutely love it when they go out on their own and I see them developing their own skills , while making beautiful things ,” Abbott said . “ I especially love sharing this craft with young people . I am currently teaching a young enthusiastic 17-year-old to be a potter . I have made so many friends and met fellow artists from all over , through my pottery . And more often now than ever I have visits from my friends just to see the pottery and how it works .”
When reflecting back on the past , Abbott said she is so glad that she decided to dabble in pottery because it has become more than just a hobby . It ’ s a passion that has brought her new friends , from all walks of life , who have become more like family .
“ My plans for the future include enjoying the ability of being creative and to continue to use my talents to help others when I can ; with the intent of making others as well as myself happy .”