Cullman Senior Spring 2021 - Page 12

George Mabry pictured with his daughter Tammie and son Phillip .
Mabry said he dug a two-acre pond and stocked it with bream and bass where he enjoyed fishing during the year .
After 29 years on the farm and after battling some health issues , Mabry said they decided to sell the farm and move to the city of Cullman in 1979 .
“ This move would allow me to be closer to my doctors and the hospital if needed ,” he said .
After retiring in 1980 , Mabry said he and his wife Opal enjoyed growing roses and other flowers . “ Honestly , we stayed outside most of the time and that seemed to be where we were the happiest ,” he said .
He fished frequently at Sportsmans Lake and other lakes that were close to his home ; plus he enjoyed walking at Heritage Park and at the Civic Center . “ When I lost my wife Opal in 2006 due to complications from a stroke , I will admit things just changed and would never be the same . She had been by my side since 1948 .”
Mabry said his youngest son Phillip lives with him and helps him now that his wife is gone .
“ I discovered steel cut oats and ate them every day for many , many years and I can say that is one of my most favorite foods ,” he said .
Last September , he fell and ended up having
to go to the hospital for a while , then moved to a rehab facility for 21 days .
“ I can no longer walk distances by myself for fear of another fall ,” he said . “ I use a walker and have help getting in and out of my lift chair , as well as in and out of bed .”
Now that he is back home , his daughter Tammie Bynum comes and stays with him every weekend to help out and give Phillip a break and extra rest .
“ Just to make it noted , I only get to enjoy the steel cut oats on the weekends when Tammie comes to visit ,” said Mabry . “ I have actually nicknamed it ‘ Might Fine .’ This is and will always be my favorite meal . My other favorite food to enjoy eating is banana pudding : from scratch , of course . I don ’ t want any of that instant pudding stuff .
“ This dish comes in second to the steel cut oats ,” he said . “ My son can also cook some pretty awesome spaghetti which probably comes in third .” Mabry said his daughter makes sure he gets all of his favorites for the holidays .
Even though he could have probably talked about food all day long , Mabry said that what impresses him most about his longevity is that he can actually say he has lived through an entire century .
“ Now , how many people can say that ?” Mabry said . “ Not many !”
This is a photo of George , his daughter Tammie , his twin nieces and sister-inlaw .