Cub Scout Adventures Volume 1 | Page 2

Cub Summer Adventures! Spirit Of Adventure • Boy Scouts of America Every Boy Deserves A Cub Scout Summer Adventure There is anticipation every time a boy joins Cub Scouting. For both the family and the boy there is an expectation that the Cub Scout Experience will be a fun and meaningful program that will contribute to the child’s long term growth and development. To achieve this, the program has many elements that when combined over time shape that experience. Pack meetings, Blue and Gold Banquets, the Pinewood Derby, Trips to places like the Museum of Science and advancement opportunities are all elements of what it means to be a Cub Scout. An important and essential element to assure a full Cub Scout experience is a Cub Scout Summer Adventure. Cub Scout Summer Adventures are not optional- they are essential parts of the program. Parents and leaders will agree that every boy who joins deserves a full Cub Scout experience. The summer day and resident camping programs offered by the Spirit Of Adventure are designed to specifically fill that need by providing a memorable and meaningful program that completes the year of a full Cub Scout Program. When families join Scouting, especially Cub Scouting at elementary-school ages, the youth and parents are both expecting one big thing: camping and outdoor experiences. People who stay in Scouting for more than a year tell us over and over that the aspect that grabbed them most quickly was the outdoor activities. These programs not only immerse the boy in Cub Scouting they also have the opportunity to engage the parent. Scouting and the outdoors are necessarily linked: the natural world is such a wonderful classroom, laboratory, and gymnasium, making it capable of generating ideas and stimulating everyone who engages with its splendor. This is one of the underlying elements of the Scouting program and why it works so well in outdoor environments. The Spirit Of Adventure is proud to offer several exceptional opportunities for Cubs to experience the wonder and excitement of Cub Scouting. Every Cub Scout deserves a Cub Summer Adventure! Brice Pearce Boy Scouts Of America Spirit Of Adventure