CTE Newsletter January 2020 - Page 2

THE CTE QUARTERLY | Issue 8 Faculty Spotlight Doug and Holly Wendel We know you’ve seen the annual advertisements about the Florida Today Corporate 5k run. Did you know who actually organizes the Eastern Florida State College team? Doug and Holly Wendel have been the team leaders for the past five years! Holly has participated in a number of spirit triathlons across the state, and the couple takes part in 5K’s almost every weekend. When they saw an opportunity to get together with co-workers for a great cause that involved 5K’s they thought it was the best of both worlds! They both agree that meeting co-workers from all campuses, departments and years of experience to run or walk, enjoy live music and (of course) the free beer makes the annual event even more special. TECH TIPS WITH T3 The Power of Podcasts In and Out of the Classroom By Andrew Dutra, Ph.D. We all know that most students spend a large amount of time checking social media and watching videos on their cell phones. This can be very frustrating when trying to ensure effective classroom instruction, but the utilization of podcasts can bridge the gap between the digital world and critical course content. A podcast is a digital audio file of varying length available through various Internet servers/apps (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts and Spotify, just to name a few). Podcasts span a myriad of topics ranging from comedy to sports to academics. YouTube videos are great, but a student must be focusing intently on the video. Solely comprised of audio, podcasts can be enjoyed at any time. They do not limit students to staring at their screens to assimilate the necessary content. The freedom to podcast on their own schedule gives students the power and ability to learn and listen at their own individual pace and convenience. In the classroom, podcasts provide Page 2 instructors with the opportunity to expose students to real-world events on topics relevant to course content. For example, an oceanography instructor can assign students to listen to a firsthand account of the discovery of the Titanic from Robert Ballard on the National Geographic podcast channel, or an American history instructor could share a podcast about how former President Nixon had millions of dollars in campaign funds stolen from the Western White House in Southern California on the Crime Beat podcast channel. From an assignment/assessment perspective, a mock podcast audio file could be submitted by students to allow them the ability to express themselves on a topic of their choice from a recent lesson. All in all, there is no shortage of relevant and interesting content in the podcast world that might interest a student. (Note: Be sure to preview all assigned student podcasts, as some may contain language or content that could be viewed as offensive or unprofessional.)