CSA Newsletter October 2014

o y ? Issue number 116 October 2014 e-mail address [email protected] $30/year - US $40 - All others This issue’s index and photo password is chorley at http://csa.ez.org/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-States-Association/325803207452129?sk=wall Editorial - Giving Back Terry Schubert (OH) – Another wonderful flying season is nearly gone and the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Soon it will be time to bring the bird in for the winter and apply some of the modification ideas that have been gleaned over the summer. If you choose to do that, please take good accurate performance data before you start, so you can really tell what the effect of the modification was during flight test next spring. Perhaps one of the best things to record, if you are doing any aerodynamic modification, is oil flows over the surfaces to be modified. Such flow visualization techniques can be very helpful in identifying areas in need of change and make excellent comparison data after the modification to see if improvement was actually had. Another visualization technique is the use of thin yarn or carbon fibers for tuft testing. An advantage of the tufts is they can be video recorded and close examination of the video will reveal flow in a 3rd dimension. Fortunately, small video cameras, like the Go-Pro, are now available that can be mounted in nearly any location. After repairing separated flow, share your findings with others. Fortunately, many people have shared helpful concepts and improvements over the years. We have all profited from their generousity. It is time to pay back into the system. I look forward to another year of information sharing. Klaus at RENO Congratulations to Klaus Savier in his latest IO-360 canard racer, the Determinator. He took first place in the Reno Sport Class Bronze Event at an amazing speed of 262.835 mph. Will Chorley Goes West I am sorry to report that Will Chorley died from complications associated with the chemo treatment he was receiving for pancreatic cancer on Monday July 28th. Will flew Cozy N9455 and was a long time CSA member. Anne, his wife, reported that his demise was sudden. “He was up and busy, then hit with an infection that floored him rapidly in less than two days. So, he didn’t really suffer too long.” Our sympathy goes out to Anne and the family in their loss. Yea!! Burt is Coming Back! Burt Rutan indicated he would like to return to Oshkosh in 2015 to share some innovations with the aviation community. This is your last 2014 newsletter! Renewal is due before December 10. PLEASE. Domestic US only rate is $30, Canada and overseas is $40. Please make checks payable to: Terry Schubert. Do not make checks payable to Central States or anything else! A PayPal option is offered, $33 domestic and $43 international. Send to [email protected] Please update your address and airplane data for the 2014 CSA Membership Roster. Oct 2014 issue 116 page 1