CS Oct-2021

Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )
Vol . 13 Issue : 10 October , 2021 Rs . 15 / -

National Monetization Pipeline – Intensifying Privatisation

As Com . TN pointed out , “ the imperialists adopt every means to preserve colonial exploitation of the people of the former colonies by adopting new forms and new methods . They try to retain , extend and strengthen their hold through various levers of economic control ”.
The Prime Minister Modi explained in a meeting last month “ we are committed to the reforms and are ready to take any risk for the national interests , even in the pandemic of corona wave period – we continued the reforms ( economic ).”
Modi said that government ’ s duty is not to do commerce ; it is there to rule only . Thus Modi is mesmerizing the people by diverting from his anti people policies . The principles of the welfare state written in constitution are being peeled off by these policies .
Recently the centre announced the “ Sale or lease of resources ” which is called National Monetization Pipeline ( NMP ). This lease may be for 20 years or 30 years . This is nothing but privatisation . Already , people were deceived by the monetization of the currency by the rulers .
Roads , electronics , airports , ports , optical fiber , railway lines , railway stations , sports auditoriums , petroleum supply organisations etc ., in total 15 sectors were identified to lease by the central government . Central Government directed the state governments to implement the NMP in village panchayats . As a result , the ill effects of intensifying privatisation will further worsen the lives of the people of the country .
Government said that to provide infrastructure we should be ready to lease the above sectors . It also stated that through NMP , in the next 4 years Rs . 6.5 lakh crore would be monetized , and country would be placed in the list of economic superpowers . Thus the rulers are deceiving the people by creating such illusions .
According to the ex-Central Information Commissioner Madabhushi Sridhar , “ Sale or lease in this massive planning , there arise several doubts and fears . First one - tremendous hike of prices , cutting of people ’ s welfare . Second one - calculation of lesser price of nation ’ s wealth in favour of the rulers ’ favorites . There may be uncounted Quid pro Quos in the NMP . One more - whether there would be any prevention methods that this process would not become a massive scam which forces the nation into a much more economic crisis .’ He also stated that there would be a rise of national security problems due to this NMP .
“ Before announcing the monetization whether the government examined the Australia experiences ”, somebody questioned the government in an analysis in the media .
“ As stated in the budget this sale of public sector firms would not be stopped to get Rs . 1.75 lakh crores in this financial year ”, clarified the government . According to DIPAM in the list of privatisation , there are Air India , BPCL , Shipping Corporation , Pawan Hans , Neelachal Ispat .
LIC is the most profitable corporation ; there is no need of providing NPAs , practical losses . If 10 % of LIC is sold , through one IPO , Government treasury will get more than 1 lakh crore rupees . Then through public issue at least 10 lakh crore rupees would be raised . That is why government is showing enthusiasm to monetize LIC . Thus people ’ s wealth is being plundered by ruling classes .
Vishakha Steel privatization process was started by ( DIPAM ) Department of Investment and Public Asset Management which was permitted by government .
Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )