CS May 2022

Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )

Vol . 14 Issue : 05 May , 2022 Rs . 15 / - Working-Class shall Pledge to Fight Relentlessly against Colonial Exploitation , Hegemony , Bullying and Expansionism !

The eight hours working-day struggle of Chicago workers in 1886 inspired the workers of all countries . This May Day struggle inspired the workers of all countries to organise themselves into a class and fight not only for their economic demands but also to fight against the capitalist exploitation till its end , overthrowing the capitalist system and establishing socialist system under the dictatorship of the proletariat . of Second International guided different sections in coordinated activities of May Day celebrations . May Day has become a day review of its activities and to take pledges to the international working-class to further its struggles for emancipation and establishing socialism .
With the inspiration of May Day guided by workingclass political ideology of scientific socialism , workers were able to organise into a class , form its own political
The First International under the guidance and leadership of Marx and Engels recognised the political importance of May Day struggle . Engels during the period party based on its class political ideas of conquest of political power , the political rule of the working-class and fought against capitalism and imperialism contd . in page 03
Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )