CS June 2022

Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )
Vol . 14 Issue : 06 June , 2022 Rs . 15 / -

Why the most Unimportant is being posed as the most Important ?

What are the most important problems faced by the people ? Are the people in India ready for the luxury to create a make-or-break situation on whether there existed a Shivalinga at Gyanvapi Masjid at Banaras ? Why the ruling clique along with all the organisations under its control are fetching the judiciary and armed forces are acting with so much vigour on this issue ? To find answers to these questions we need to discuss in brief the important problems glaring before the people now .
In India in most places petrol costs more than Rs . 100 per liter , diesel is hovering around Rs . 100 , household cooking gas has gone above Rs . 1000 ; prices of all essential commodities including cereals , edible oil , sugar etc . has skyrocketed out of the reach of ordinary citizens , vegetables have been sold as precious metals . On the other hand unemployment is record high , workers have lost jobs in large-scale . The Centre and state governments are clamoring that they are supplying rice and wheat free to both the urban and rural poor , as if poor don ’ t need fuel and other necessities like oil , cereals , sugar , salt to make them edible .
At the same time all available statistics show that big houses like Ambani , Adani , Jindals and their ilk are not only flourishing , but are grabbing all important sectors of economy along with a few foreign players . They are evicting peasants , teagarden workers , tribal people to get hold of lands in huge scale for mining , building highways , airports , tourist spots and so on .
Modi ’ s ACHCHE DIN has been exposed . Things cannot be pushed under carpet taking COVID-19 pandemic as the shield .
Everywhere people are getting agitated , peasants of Northern India have shown the way , workers have already demonstrated through their all-India strike that from the streets they are ready to build barricades . The Government at the Centre seems to be mortally afraid that the situation may take a turn to Sri Lanka like demonstrations .
How the Issue was raked up
For any government with minimum responsibility to the people would have taken some serious measures to redress the grievances of the people . But now it is busy fomenting communal tension in the country . 1 . It is a centre sponsored move is clear from the fact that not a single person from Varanasi ( Kashi ) or its vicinity but four Delhi-based women went to the court to worship Shiva in the area of Gyanvapi masjid .
2 . Strangely the judge at Varanasi District court immediately admitted the case overriding the Places of Worship ( Special Provisions ) Act , 1991 . According to the Act except Babri Masjid case which was sub-judice matter then it was mandatory to maintain the religious character of the places of worship as on August 15 , 1947 .
3 . The court immediately appointed a Commissioner to survey the area under Gyanvapi Masjid to search for Hindu deity / deities .
4 . People were restricted to enter the area , but suddenly a large number of people start shouting “ mil gaya , mil gaya ” ( got it , got it ).
5 . It was found that a piece of stone resembling Shivalinga at the site of awzookhana ( place for ablution before namaz ), but many people think it was part of a spring to supply water . But the more important question is how the people could know of such finding when their entry was restricted by court order .
6 . Here the suspicion arises that this was part of a greater conspiracy like Ayodhya . In the case of Ayodhya , even the highest court of law had to bow down to the communal force in power and verdict was based on
Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )