CS Jan 2022

Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )
Vol . 14 Issue : 01 January , 2022 Rs . 15 / -

Fight back Hindutva Fascist Deeds !

The recent incidents of rampage by the Hidutva organisations portend the seriousness of the menace of Hindutva fascist forces and their divisive and sectarian tendencies . These Hindutva organisations are able to conduct their fascist activities with impunity is a clear and ample evidence that they have the patronage and encouragement from the BJP rulers and to BJP government at the centre and some states . These organisations of Hindutva of Sanghaparivar orbit are conducting their fascist activities with sinister designs with great impunity in recent decades , but more audaciously since 2014 .
In Kerala State these Hindutva organisations are inciting religious hatred on the pretext of eating and food habits of different communities , particularly against ‘ hold ’ of the Muslim community . The state secretary of the Socialist Democratic Party of India ( SDPI ) was cruelly hacked to death by RSS activists provoking a retaliation from the SDPI cadre .
In a conclave held by the Hindu religious leaders and political activists in saffron robes at Haridwar city of Himachal Pradesh in the name of a so-called Dharam Sanfod , key personages with a track record of inflammatory and provocative speeches made calls for genocide against Muslims and incited Hindus to arm themselves .
At a celebration of a ‘ Christmas Milan ’ in a primary school in a village of Haryana state the Hindutva fascist mobs have disrupted it and by forcibly taking the mike in to their hands raised slogans like ‘ Jai Sri Ram ’ and ‘ Bharat Mata Ki Jai ’. Earlier in the month of December , the chief minister of Haryana himself said that offering Namaz in public places will not be tolerated . In a ‘ Maha Panchayat ’ held in July in a village of Haryana , the speakers made provocative speeches targeting the religious minorities .
In Ambala the statue of Jesus Christ in the Holy
Redeemer Church is vandalized and the lighting is pulled down by the Hindu fascist goondas .
Bajarangdal activists stopped Hindus from celebrating Christmas at Silichar of South Assam . These hooligans have locked the church under the protest of violating Covid-19 protocals .
On the other hand the BJP government in Karnataka state is ready to enact regressive law aimed at policing the private lives and beliefs of citizens in the name of preventing unlawful conversions . It makes ‘ marriage ’ as an illegal means of crime . In the name of complain the police to interdict lawful marriages .
Very recently in a meeting of RSS activists held at Palkol of AP , the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagat called to stop religious conversions . With such calls and regressive laws the BJP and its allied Hindutva organisations are implementing an agenda to create a false impression that religious conversion is rampant and that urgent legislative and extra-legislative is necessary to stop the trend .
With a feigned and manufactured sense of fear about the future of Hindus and Hinduism the Hindutva fascist organisations have been raking hatred against minorities of other religions and creating social discord . They became a deep threat to the social fabric of our country .
The BJP and its associate Hindutva organisation are implementing their sinister agenda of establishing ‘ AKHANDA BHARAT ’ in our country by equating the Hindu majoritarian community with the nation and relegating other minorities particularly Muslims , to the shadows .
This haw the force of law is termed as an empty “ exercise of formality and futility ” by the BJP rulers sanctioning every encouragement to the Hindutva fascist groups to go ahead with their sinister activities with impunity .
This is the trend of feudal Hindutva fascism that became a peril ions menace to the multi-cultural and multireligions nation of our country . j
Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )