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Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )
Vol . 14 Issue : 08 August , 2022 Rs . 15 / -

August 15 , 1947

The BJP has been trying to pose itself to be the champion of patriotism in India . So its leaders are urging the people of India to celebrate the 75 th year of so- called “ independence ” as ‘ Azadi Ka Amrit Mahostsav ’. True to the character of their predecessors the BJP is trying to make people believe that they are part of the legacy of the freedom struggle and Savarkar as their leader . It is a well known fact that Savarkar surrendered to the British rulers and betrayed not only the freedom movement but acting as British agent brought the Idea of Hindutwa to divide the people ’ s movement for liberation from the yoke of imperialism . True to their nature of falsification and betrayal , the BJP is trying to capitalize the patriotism of the Indian people by this grand celebration of the “ independence day ”, a day of despicable betrayal .
After the Second World War the imperialists all over the world were mortally afraid of the future . On the one hand the emergence of the USSR and East European states moving in great strides on the path of socialism , China was on the verge of a successful revolution and the liberation struggles of the oppressed people were surging forward , and on the other imperialists had been economically and politically weakened . In this situation , imperialists changed their policy — instead of ruling the colonies directly to carry on the exploitation indirectly by transferring power to their trusted agents in those countries , known as neocolonial policy . In India too the people ’ s movement for liberation was developing in great strides . The British had no other choice but to transfer power to the representatives of the comprador big bourgeoisie and landlords to maintain their interest by indirect means . But they did not forget to divide the strength of the people and the country was divided into India and Pakistan through partition based on religion .

An Eternal Symbol of Despicable Betrayal of People of India

Since then due to the weakening of British imperialism some other imperialist powers especially the US imperialists also started to step in and the transfer of power became helpful for them to develop their influence . Thus what happened on 15 August 1947 was that from a colony India turned into a semi-colony . And what the BJP is going to celebrate is to hide this hoax with eloquent phrases like ‘ development ’, ‘ progress ’, ‘ shining India ’ etc . and people are drowning in poverty and lack of democracy .
The peasants-the back bone of Indian economy-sunk deeper in to indebtedness to local money-lenders and landlords , and unable to come out of the indebtedness have resorted to suicides . Many farmers are pauperized and are forced to migrate as daily labourers to eke out livelihood , to far away places as orphans .
Neither the five year plans , nor modernization and industrilisation policies nor the latest ‘ Make in India ’ initiative could deliver the goods . The private sector , especially modern sectors such as manufacturing and service sectors dominated by multinational companies have not created many jobs . The foreign direct investment entered into India in the form of FIIs has played speculator role in stock markets with utmost disregard to the interests of India economy . Now India is facing a frightful situation of balance of payments . Our economy has become totally dependent on foreign capital .
The unemployment has reached the figure of 7.5 % indicating a forward direction . Unemployment rates among educated in 9.1 % where as the unemployment rate of youth between the age 15-29 is 12.9 %.
Wage rates of the workers and employees have remained low and whatever may be of any increase it is very marginal . Systematically the statutory rights of workers are being removed . The labour laws have been
Bulletin of the Central Committee of CPI ( ML )