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textile sector which provides largest employment after agriculture sector . Land Grab :
It is a bit tedious for the governments to ‘ acquire ’ land on such a large scale , as it has already transferred most of the land to big corporates and private parties . Hence the government is adopting various methods to ‘ acquire ’ people ’ s land . The purpose of all these methods is to snatch the community lands from the people into its hands and then transfer them into private hands . The government ’ s claim of a facilitator is just a marketing jargon to hide it comprador nature .
In Telangana , the adivasi tandas ( Hamlets ) will be turned into gram panchayats so that they wont be a protected ST lands anymore and thus can be easily ‘ acquired ’ by ‘ convincing ’ the village sarpanch .
Punjabis show the Way Again :
In 2020 , the then Congress government came up with a mega textile park on the lands of Sekhowal village , near the textile town of Ludhiana . It is adjacent to the ecosensitive Mattewara forest along the Sutlej river . Punjab , the land of five
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August 15 ....
government . The Indian government inherited imperialist policies along with transfer of power as its own policies to the detriment of Indian interest which became clear in the experience of these 75 years .
More over the ruling class and its agents deceived the mass of people in to believing that our constitution is sacrosanct , though it is strikingly similar to the 1935 constitution . The constitution is nothing but a superstructure built on the readymade foundation carefully and laboriously laid by imperialism .
That is why Ambedkar , chairman of the drafting committee of the ‘ Indian ’ constitution had to admit that “…… in politics we will have equality and in economic life we will have inequality …. We must remove this 8 rivers is already facing ground water depletion along with huge pollution of its rivers . Also textile industry is a highly polluting industry . And there are serious allegations that water in some areas became cancerous . So people from all walks of life including AAP party protested against it .
But whose lands are up for grab ? This is another dimension .
Dalits make up 32 percent of Punjab ’ s population . According to state laws , 32 % of Shamlat lands ( common gram panchayat land ) have to be allocated to Dalits for cultivation . Majority of the Sekhowal people are Mazhabi Sikhs , a Dalit sikh community displaced out of Amritsar city with the promise of Shamlat lands elsewhere . Finally after many struggles they were allotted Shamlat lands for cultivation in Sekhowal area . They have been fighting for the lands for 35 years in and outside the courts .
The then Congress government duped the sarpanch saying that it is acquiring two hundred acres for agro nursery . The AAP government that came month ago , announced on July 8th that they are allocating 1000 acres for this mega park out of which
contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer with inequality will blow the structure of political democracy ….”
Com . T . Nagireddy in his famous court statement ‘ India Mortgaged ’ has asserted that …. “ nothing has changed ( after August 15 , 1947 ) except certain forms of management of this society in the interests of imperialist capital collaborating Indian bourgeoisie and feudal landlords . The content has remained the same ( of British colonial rule ) even though certain forms of management have changed .
Com . TN rightly asserted that “ any citizen with a grain of patriotism in him , should by nature revolt against such a degrading state of affairs to resurrect the great glory of the Indian people and Indian nation ” showing the correct path the people .
416 acres ( and not 200 ) are the Sekhowal village lands . Sekhowal has only 500 acres of Shamlat land . That means the villagers are going to lose their entire land that too with lies . They held a gram sabha and unanimously decided not to give any land to the Park . Around 50 organisation formed a Public Action Committee including NGOs of Cancer patients and environmentalists seriously agitated . They organised a massive protest against the Mega park . Just a day before the protest , the Chief Minister called for discussions and agreed to shift the project from that area to another area away from the water sources . Incidentally , in a public stunt , the Chief Minister drank river water to prove that Punjab river water was not polluted but was hospitalized the very next day .
The first target of any government or any scheme is the lands of the Adivasis , Dalits and other oppressed classes . However , this struggle proves that if the people and mass organisations unite into a dedicated movement they will achieve success .
Com . TN rightly concluded that the August 15 , 1947 is nothing but “ Indian Bourgeoisie ’ s Despicable Betrayal ” and that the constitution finalised the betrayal of Indian people by the bourgeoisie represented by the socalled national leadership .
The people of our country have yet to win their independence .
Many people have sacrificed their lives for our country ’ s liberation . Their cause has to be carried forward . So people have to examine to know the true facts as they took place in history and assert their destiny .
Stalin had warned that “ independence does not come as a gift ” – in the form of transfer of power – but is possible only “ by victorious revolution ”. This warning has become true in the 75 years of experience of our people and people ’ s urge for revolution is continually increasing . �
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