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with their economies . So long as these socio-economic conditions prevail , even the supposed removal of MNCs would not bring any basic change and their subservience continues . “ The trusts , of course , never provided , do not now provide and cannot provide complete planning . But however much they do plan , however much the capitalist magnets calculate in advance the volume of production on a national and even on an international scale , and however much they systematically regulate it , we still remain under capitalism- at its new stage , it is true , but still capitalism , without a doubt . The “ proximity ” of such capitalism to socialism should serve genuine representatives of the proletariat as an argument providing the proximity , facility , feasibility and urgency of the socialist revolution , and not at all as an argument for tolerating the repudiation of such a revolution and efforts to make capitalism look more attractive , something which all reformists are trying to do .” ( Lenin )
The socialisation of labour , which has manifested itself very strikingly in the gigantic increase in the dimensions and power of finance capital , forms the chief material foundation for the inevitable advent of socialism . The intellectual and moral driving force and the physical executant of this transformation is the proletariat , which is trained by the capitalism itself . The struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie , which manifests in multifarious forms ever richer in content , inevitably becomes a political struggle aiming at the conquest of political power by the proletariat . The socialisation of production is bound to lead to the transformation of the means of production into the property of society , to the “ expropriation of expropriators ”.
Such is the vision of Karl Marx about the future society . And it became the fact of life with the victorious conclusion of Great October

Release Comrade Kura Rajanna , Central Leader , CPI ( ML ) Janashakti

We came to know that Central leader of CPI ( ML ) Janashakti , Comrade Kura Rajanna who is suffering from illness was arrested by police from a house in Medchal , Hyderabad on August 1 st , 2022 from a press statement by Arunodaya Vimala . There are reports that the police have arrested and produced him in Sirisilla Court under several cases . We appeal that Com Rajanna be released on bail immediately for medical facilities as it is reported that he is suffering from serious illness .
Revolution in Russia and New Democratic Revolution in China and the advances they made in the building of socialist society . For the first time in the history of human society , unemployment and poverty , which the capitalist society could not eradicate during its existence of more than 300 years , were eradicated in Russia and China . A planned union of agriculture and industry based on the conscious application of science and the combination of collective labour had removed hunger from the society . A new form of family , new conditions in the status of women and in the upbringing of younger generation had come into existence , which were still dreams in the capitalist countries . The achievements of socialist system in Soviet Union and China are well documented . Within a span of a quarter of a century , Soviet Union surpassed the capitalist world in science and technology .
Internationally the working class has suffered a temporary setback in the form of capitalist restoration in Soviet Union and China . The bourgeois ideologues wanted us to believe that this revisionist betrayal as the failure of socialist system and Marxist ideology . But from this set back the working class organisation will grow politically and organisationally stronger . As Mao-Tse-Tung pointed out :
Gurram Vijay kumar
Central Committee , CPI ( ML )
“ Since cultural revolution is a revolution it inevitably meets resistance ..... because the resistance is fairly strong . There will be reversals and even repeated reversals in this struggle . There is no harm in this . It tempers the proletariat and other working people , and especially the younger generation , teaches them lessons and gives them experience , and helps them to understand that revolutionary road has Zig-Zags and does not run smooth ”.
( At a time when the world capitalist system unleashed ferocious attacks on Marxism and communist movement , the CPI ( ML ) Janashakti , COC organised a series of programmes to commemorate the 80 th anniversary of Great October Revolution and 50 th anniversary of the herioc Telangana Peasants Armed Struggle . This seminar was held in Hyderabad on 7 th , 8 th and 9 th Novemeber , 1997 . It observed commemoration of Martyrs ’ day in various districts of Andhra Pradesh . Comrades Parimal Das Gupta , Kanu Sanyal , Kolla Venkaiah , Manam Ramarao , Arvind Sinha , P . K . Murthy , Ajmeer Singh , Vijaya Saradhi , Mandla Subba Reddy , N . V . Krishnaiah attended and participated in this seminar .)
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