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May Day 1917 - J . V . Stalin

codified in to labour codes that negated the rights and entremets of workers . The tribals are being displaced enmass forcibly from their natural habitats in the name of economic developments and making them destitutes . An ideological as well , physical war is unleashed against the minority
Muslim community greatly threatening its very existence .
Atrocities and attacks against dalits have surged to a significant level with an ill intention of restricting them within the confines of Manudharmas , Varnasram dharma straight joint frame .
The use of repressive laws not only against mass-movements but even against a common individual who expresses dissatisfaction against the present state of situation has increased by implicating them in the crime of sedition or terrorism . UAPA is being used with utmost vehemence on any one who expresses disapproval against the present state of affairs .
The judicial system that is supposed to uphold the constitutional spirit and render justice too became worthless in protecting freedoms , fundamental rights of the people against state repression and oppression merely chanting effectless and empty comments to make believe the people of its extraordinary powers etc .
For most of the people life has become unbearable . According to National Crime Records Bureau about 25,000 Indians died of suicide between 2018 and 2020 . In 2019 , an Indian citizen died of suicide every hour due to joblessness poverty or bankruptcy .
On the other hand the top 10 % grabbed nearly two-third of the wealth , deepening the inequality as per the world inequality report .
This abysmal condition of state of Indian affairs even after 75 years of socalled independence naturally raised the questions in the mind of any sane person that whether our country is really an independent country ? If so who gained such an independence ? Is our country really a democratic country as being touted for all these years ? How is that our so-called sacrosanct constitution could not avert such an abominable state of affairs ?
While trying to find answers to these questions , often our attention is diverted towards the successive governments , and the ruling parties in power and the policies implemented by them , finding some or other fault in them satisfying our doubts , without actually going in to the root-cause viz the nature of the “ Independence ” gained by us with the policy of “ non-violence ”.
Only when we critically examine history that led to the ‘ Independence ’ and the history of freedom struggle and the role of Indian National Congress which maintained its hegemony , we can arrive to the correct answers .
Various studies about the freedom struggle on the nature of the ‘ Independence ’ accorded to India by the British pointed out that the 15 th August 1947 was merely a “ transfer of power ”.
R . Palme Dutt the veteran British Communist , who examined each aspect relating to the freedom struggle and the attainment of ‘ Independence ’ on 15 th August 1947 , has come to the conclusion that the meaning of the transfer of power to Indians meant “….. a change from the direct rule of imperialism to its indirect rule . It has elevated the Indian big-bourgeoisie from a previous vacillating , compromising semi oppositional partners of imperialism , exercising authority and repressive powers over the masses , uniting with feudal and princely elements against the tide of popular advance …” ( India Today , 1949 ). He asserted that “…. India has not reached the goal of national independence or the fulfillment of democratic revolution . India still groans under the double yoke of imperialist exploiters and home grown exploiters – now drawn together in close alliance ”.
On August 15 , 1947 the British government transferred power be queathing all its Indian institutions organisations and services to the new Indian contd . in page 08
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