Cricket Club Issue 42 - Page 9

108 MEDICAL CHAMBERS is delighted to support Club Cricket For the players The London Sports Injury Clinic – Specialist sports doctor and physio to keep you out in the middle MEDICAL CHAMBERS The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic – The original clinic for the treatment of groin pain and also herniae of all types “You don’t have to be an elite athlete to be treated like one” For the supporters To look after the “off the field” parts of your life The London Breast Clinic – investigation and treatment of breast problems. The London Skin Clinic – assessment and treatment for suspicious moles and lesions as well as general dermatological conditions The London Rectal Clinic – expert opinion and treatment of colo-rectal conditions from haemorrhoids through to inflammatory bowel disease The London Thyroid and ENT Clinic – assessment and treatment of all thyroid and general ENT conditions 108 HARLEY STREET LONDON WIG 7ET THE HOME OF THE LONDON BREAST CLINIC THE LONDON SKIN CLINIC THE GILMORE GROIN & HERNIA CLINIC THE LONDON RECTAL CLINIC THE LONDON SPORTS INJURY CLINIC THE LONDON THYROID & ENT CLINIC 108 X-RAY AND IMAGING Telephone 020 7563 1234 Email We hope that you are able to travel to see us if the need arises, but if London is too far we may be able to recommend an expert local to you. For this and any other queries please email Web 9