Cricket Club Issue 42 - Page 53

Sonning There are currently two but these are not full length and not sited in the ideal place. With our ever growing colts section extra capacity is needed. We would also like to attract a level 3 Coach to run the junior coaching and play for the club on a Saturday. Improving our net facilities will make the club a more attractive proposition.” Youth “Youth development is absolutely vital - they really are the future of the club. We have had great success over the years but younger legs are needed in the field and it is great to watch them improve year-on-year. Already this season we have fielded more than 10 youngsters in our three Saturday teams and another 5 in the Sunday teams The club has kitemark status and as such there are a number of adult players involved with the colts section keeping an eye out for them. The five weekend captains are fully aware of the club’s protocol - for example in the Saturday 3s, at least three positions are held open to juniors. We try where possible to always select at least two youngsters per team so that there isn’t one youngster playing with adults. Communication is key, we seek to continuously monitor if they are enjoying their cricket or not and act accordingly.” Challenges/Ambitions “The lack of school cricket and consequently the number of adults who play cricket is reducing. The length of games, including travel time to away fixtures on a Saturday means the total time spent playing cricket is typically 8/9 hours. This impacts on families and the social lives of youngsters in particular which does not compare with rival sports e.g football, rugby, and hockey. I can envisage in the future a shorter format of the game, starting at 1pm, no tea and finishing by 5.30/6.00 - fixtures will become more localised. Our ambitions over the coming years are to build sustainability, construct new nets, attract a player coach, develop our colts section, maintain our links with Brisbane South’s in Queensland with regular exchanges (Our first overseas was Cameron Gannon who was last year’s leading wicket taker in the Big Bash), continue to secure the club’s finances, improve the outfield and to build a new and larger pavilion.” Simple Recruitment Services are proud to partner Sonning Cricket Club as the