Cricket Club Issue 42 - Page 26

Cleethorpes FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/CRICKETCLUBMAG a structured, well run club. They mix in different social circles and gain valuable life skills by doing so. Ability doesn’t inhibit their opportunity to participate as all are welcomed and given time by our coaches. Families are encouraged to support their children. In recent years many of our 1st XI have risen through from their initial visit at junior training to become a solid and talented cricketer. Numerous players have been selected to play county cricket. In all it is the beating heart of CCC.” Integration “Cleethorpes CC has 4 Saturday teams and 2 Sunday teams competing in league cricket. It is with the sole intention of the 4th team and both Sunday teams to have a core of senior players (5-6) and the remainder of senior junior players to enable them to integrate and experience a higher standard of play than possibly most will have experienced by this point. The senior players are willing to pass on their years of experience in the game to the new fold, spring boarding them into their cricketing future in the right way.” 26 Issue 42 Community “CCC is most definitely a community club. Our new 4 bay net system was installed only as a result of community input through a grant scheme. We offer the use of the club to the whole spectrum of the community from baby yoga to funeral wakes. We have strong links with local schools offering them use of our coaching team and facilities. Cleethorpes Squash Club is a massively successful entity and shares the main building. Youth football is played across 4 pitches. The Cleethorpes Athletic Club is now embedded within using CCC as their main base. Every corner of the community and every walk of life have and continue to use our facility.” Challenges “The biggest challenge in my view will be the dissolution of the Yorkshire League. CCC is committed to playing but more so competing in the strongest possible leagues available. This will inevitably mean the encouragement of new players to join the ranks as well as keeping the existing talented players. I also see the need to re-in state spending on an overseas professional to bolster our armament and give all within the club a role model such as our two of our more recent pro players. (Mathew Sinclair and Peter Fulton)” Ambitions “Replacement of aging grounds maintenance equipment is essential for the upkeep of the grassed playing areas and it is important that player numbers increase as well. We are committed to continuing to encourage the community to join the cricket club and become involved in helping to sustain its existence at the highest level possible, in turn enabling the executive committee to provide a welcoming and well maintained facility. Finally but most certainly not least we are focused on continuing to provide a facility that all ages find usable and welcoming.”