Cricket Club Issue 41 - Page 53

Brooke and District “As many clubs seem to struggle we continue to expand. We have a partnership with Langley School (Headteacher, Dominic Findley) who host our Saturday 3rd XI and many of their players play their club cricket with Brooke. “Over the next five years we are looking to expand our facilities and ground. A complex challenge, but we are ‘up for it.’ Our sponsors do a great job and provide excellent support. Canham Consulting (website), Real Consulting (Ladies sponsor), Alan Boswell (Adult team sponsor), Brown and Co (Youth sponsor) and Bam Nuttall who help with ground developments). – key people John Whitehead, Jonathan Wills and Richard Hayman.” Day & Boarding School for boys and girls aged 10-18 Proud to be in partnership with Brooke Cricket Club 01508 520210 Brooke and District Cricket Club and Langley School have now entered into a recognised Partnership, bringing benefits to both the Club and the School. The Club are incredibly grateful for the help and support Langley have and continue to give Brooke. In 2015 our Player Coach, Mike Jones will live and coach at Langley School, together with coaching evenings and weekends at the Club. 53