Cricket Club Issue 41 - Page 5

“I’ve been involved with Rugby Memories for around four or five years now. Before the organisation started I had been working with my very close friend David Shedden who played on the wing for Scotland 20 odd times. Davey eventually went down with Alzheimers and I used to go and spend time with him whenever I could talking about old times. “People with Alzheimers tend to be fairly quiet people because I think they’re a little frightened that they’re not talking sense. But once they start talking and seeing images from the past they really light up and it’s an absolutely amazing thing to see. I found it a real eye opener to see how good their memory is going back. “David does well but there are some days when he is just not on the ball – he’s a terrific man. We had an open day for volunteers and people came down from all around to attend which gave people like me a chance to chat with people that had been working with Alzheimers for years. That was of great benefit to me. “The organisation has been building well and the growing reputation we enjoy is allowing us to expand the good work that we’re doing. It’s alive and it’s moving. The great thing is it’s going in the right direction and I just hope that they can make sure that we do everything we can to help prevent Alzheimers. “Back in my day, if you got concussion you just got a wet cold sponge on the back of the neck and were told to go back on. No one realised how dangerous it was. We’ve moved on from there now and the game has changed. Michael White as well as a few other guys deserve a mention because they do a fantastic job and long may it continue. It’s terrific the work they carry out on a day to day basis.” Sandy Carmichael, Representative of Rugby Memories and capped 50 times for Scotland to those provided by the central team. An extensive archive of past finals, teams, medals, grounds and players is available to members. Local archives relating to aspects of social and cultural history are also used to help recall. On Saturday 6 June, a match between the veterans of Caberfeidh (Strathpeffer) and The Rest of the World raised over £2,000 for Shinty Memories Cricket Memories relies on a combination of experiences as a spectator as well as direct memories of playing in local teams. The central team produces images of Test and County Cricket, featuring the major cricket nations, and the local cricket club produces images from the club’s own historical archives. Golf Memories aids recall of famous international golfers and features images from the major tournaments in world golf. The use of club memorabilia and pictures will aid recall for those who were once players. The Golf Memories initiative includes the “Golf Buddy” system, which enables a player to keep on playing with assistance to complete the course or specific holes. Carnoustie have designed a modified short course for players who are living with dementia, and the assistant professional is an active volunteer in the group there. All of the projects have been endorsed by the relevant governing body for their respective sport in Scotland, and there are ambitious plans to form Sports Heritage Scotland. This group would share expertise, digitise resources and make sports-specific resources available to those involved in the reminiscence work. Each of the five sports involved has an ambassador as well as supporters and they include several former international players and senior figures in their sport. The partnerships between Alzheimer Scotland and the respective sports governing bodies has been an integral part of the success of the work being undertaken. Some of the results have been amazing and many family members have seen at first hand just how beneficial these sessions can be. Further details from Project Manager: Michael White 07906 239582 e-mail: 5