Cricket Club Issue 41 - Page 46

Follifoot FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/CRICKETCLUBMAG Follifoot CRICKET CLUB F ollifoot Cricket Club Juniors is a fantastic example of a club that plays an important role in their local community, providing youngsters with an opportunity to enjoy the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helping them to reach their full potential. We were keen to find out more about the good work they’ve been doing in recent times and Junior Co-ordinator Paul Townsend took the time to tell us more. He said, “I have been going to the club since I was very small, my Father played and we were taken along with him from babies. I am one of three brothers that all played, I started playing in the under 11’s and started seniors at 14 (my Family has the honour of being associated with the club since its inception 170 years ago).” “Cricket is one of the most difficult spots to learn, you don’t really realise this till you try to coach it and my challenge is to pass my knowledge on so my charges improve. “We aim to offer Cricket to all Juniors who are the lifeblood of any club and our aim is to get as many first team players through our ranks as we can. Our first team is in the first division of the Airedale Wharfedale Senior Cricket League and our aim is to finish in the top quarter of the league. Our Second Team is in the second division, we are aiming for promotion and our Thirds is for the development of our Juniors into senior cricket “The mood at the club is very buoyant at present. We invest a lot of time and effort in our Junior development, we are all inclusive which may hinder the progress that some make but see our role as offering Cricket for all. “There are no issues with integration into senior cricket here. We all train Fridays from under 7’s through to under 17’s. There is a senior training night where players will overlap and our third team is there for the ease of introduction into senior cricket. “We are very much a community club. We have had the odd Girl play in our Juniors but we don’t run a girls only side. We are very excited by the young talent we have here and will look to help them progress. Our aim is to play the best cricket we can across the club.” There is much to admire about the superb set up that Follifoot currently has in place and their youth section is a terrific example of what can be achieved with hard work and good organisation. Hopefully they will be able to continue in the same manner for many years to come. 46 Issue 41 Follifoot Club Info - - Twitter : @follifoot_