Cricket Club Issue 41 - Page 14

Lashing All Stars FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/CRICKETCLUBMAG Lashings All Stars is a truly unique set up as they continue to provide club’s across the country with an opportunity to take part in fantasy cricket matches. They’ve a busy schedule in 2015 as they continue to put on a great spectacle and hopefully they will be able to continue to provide people with the same opportunities for many years to come. Workers hand picked for you T: 01989 500 130 M: 07970 311 887 .com Competitive rates • Criminal record checks • Gla licensed PAYE and direct employment solutions Flexible and able to adapt to your needs at short notice Reliable and committed to giving the best service Dexterity testing 24hr support team 14 Issue 41 Lashing All Stars Club Info - - Twitter :@LashingsWorldXI