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creativity + entrepreneurship Knowledge and Innovation Management Based on the global economic and societal changes, IKI-SEA believes that it is important to produce Ph.D. graduates in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management (KIM), who will become future leaders in academia, private and public sectors, and who will drive and create new approaches to manage knowledge and nurture innovation. Business Innovation Master in Business Innovation- The MBI program focuses on the issues of how to identify, ideate develop and manage new innovations of product, service, process and business models. In today’s turbulent business environment, open innovation is a vital perspective because it often involves external acquisition of technology and/or close collaboration with customers, suppliers and competitors. The KIM Ph.D. program follows a research-based format (following the European model). Students will be exposed to, and will have to acquire and apply research techniques and tools that will allow them to contribute new research findings and outcomes to the current body of Knowledge Management and Innovation Management disciplines. The program also creates a unique opportunity for students to experience challenges throughout new product/service design and development process as well as to develop a mutual understanding about the rationales on the technology and the business management side. The aim of the program is to enhance students’ understanding about strategies, structures, processes, people and cultures to develop successful innovations and enhance the innovative capability of firms. The KIM program will allow students to develop their critical and creative thinking through various types of learning and research activities, and will allow them to develop lifelong learning capabilities. The Ph.D. KIM is a world-class PhD program offered by Bangkok University in partnership with Telecom Business School (Paris). 35