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creativity + entrepreneurship Computer Science Leap forward and catch up with the latest trend in the computer world with the state-of-the-art technology and curriculum from IEEE and ACM, two professional associations in the field of computer science and communication technology. Job Opportunities • Programmer • System Developer • System Engineer • Computer Center Director • Computer Researcher Creative analytical thinking and cutting-edge technology for modern lifestyle Innovations in software technology in multimedia, mobile technology and enterprise systems Information Technology Learn with a creative approach in fulfilling your potential in technology and business management in E-business system. Students learn to design computer graphics, 3D, Animation and Internet for Online Business through Wireless Network and Business Intelligence. Job Opportunities • Mobile Application Designer and Developer • Game Designer and Developer • Web Administrator Software Engineering Become a professional in software engineering, with our special curriculum that teaches you every detail about software engineering. Students are expected to understand software system pattern, as well as to be able to analyze, create and take full control of the whole system. Related Fields • IT Business Vendor • IT Business Researcher Job Opportunities • Wireless Application Designer • Project Manager • Application and Software Architect • E-Business System Designer Research Centers • Multimedia Intelligent Technology Research Center (MIT) • Artificial Intelligent and Virtual Environment (ALIVE) 33