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BANGKOK UNIVERSITY School of Humanities and Tourism Management At the School of Humanities and Tourism Management, students grow to become professionals and leaders in hotel and tourism businesses by learning and practicing at the most modern facilities. The School offers training in BU Restaurant and BU Café where students gain experience through academic learning and practicing in simulated hotel rooms, suites, restaurant, coffee shop, and kitchen that promote their skills and the ability to learn from on the job training. Students later pursue their own careers by learning various service industry management and administration skills along with communication skills in Thai, Chinese, and English prevalent to the service industry. Hotel and Restaurant Management (International Program) The program is aimed at producing service minded, well-educated, experienced, and efficient graduates who are competent and capable of working at hotels, restaurants, and other related businesses in this field. Moreover, this program prepares graduates to be ready for future engagements in business and administration by instilling social responsibility in accordance with professional ethics, providing creative and practical English teaching, and reinforcing hotel and restaurant management knowledge in hi-technology facilities. Job Opportunities • Hotel Manager • Restaurant Owner • Chef • Spa Owner • Food Stylist 30