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creativity + entrepreneurship Fashion and Textile Design Practice your skills and ignite your passion in the world of fashion with our Fashion and Textile Design program. Change the world with your potential and express your unique creativity. Job Opportunities • Fashion Designer • Pattern Designer • Stylist Communication Design The Communication Design program prepares students to be knowledgeable and cognitive thinkers with the ability to be flexible and adapt their skills in any circumstance. Our students are encouraged to be artists with a strong sense of creativity and unique personal style. Not only do they perfectly stand out; they also share the sense of belonging and are responsible to their actions in our society. Product Design The focus of the Product Design program is the integration of marketing, design, and manufacturing functions of the firm in creating a new product. The course is intended to provide students with confidence in their abilities to create exceptional products. Students also study the basics of Copyright and related laws and methods for product design and development. Job Opportunities • Product Designer • Product Developer • Material Designer Job Opportunities • Typographer • Media Designer • Stylist • Photographer Visual Arts Explore your imagination and dare to be different by releasing your inner self. Be who you are in any field of arts, sculpture, drawing, painting, video editing, photography and printing. Job Opportunities • Artist • Art Manager • Exhibition Designer This curriculum aims at producing graduates with knowledge and skills of thinking, analyzing, expressing your creative ideas and developing them into art works as you realize your full potential to get ready for the international arena. 29