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creativity + entrepreneurship Management The Management program creates successful business administrators and advisers by emphasizing on management, administration and planning principles, strategic management and principles of human resource planning, as well as recruitment and training. Job Opportunities • Business Owner • Marketing Researcher • Strategic Marketing Department Finance Be prepared to become successful financial managers with sound knowledge in financial management, capital structure, financial institution and stock market management, investment principles, financial policies, and financial research and analysis. Job Opportunities • Financial Executives • Analysts and Credit Management • Investment Advisor • Bankers Digital Marketing In today’s digital age, everything around us is changing rapidly in the world of business, technology and social media. The Digital Marketing department is established under the idea of Creative Economy, focusing on encouraging students to think creatively. This program will equip new marketers with outstanding abilities to excel in the business world, using creativity as an important key trait. Our Digital Marketing department is the first in Thailand to open this unique program. Business Computer Keep abreast of the world of technology and computer management by boosting your skills with business computer knowledge. Become experts in ready-made programs, information technology and E-commerce. Job Opportunities • Digital Marketer • Advertising and Public Relations • Customer Relationship Manager • Social Media Planner Job Opportunities • Web Master • Business Analyst • Computer Adviser • Program Designer and Analyst Finance and Investment This program focuses on the importance of financial security, making sound investments and strategic financial and investment planning. Students will be equipped with skills to make strategic analysis and provide advice to customers on financial and investment decisions as well as retirement planning, estate planning, savings and tax and insurance. The curriculum includes courses on financial and investment that are certified by CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Logistics and Supply Chain Management The Logistics and Supply Chain Management program focuses on the understanding of analysis and planning organizational logistic management in various departments. The curriculum in logistics develops the knowledg and skills for our students to be ready to work in any organization in the modern day. Job Opportunities • Logistic Analyst • Import and Export Investor • Air Transport Department International Business Management The International Business Management program imparts know-how through hands-on experience for students to become modern business administrators who are ready for challenges with a farsighted vision in business, creative analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. Job Opportunities • Financial Planner • Investment Advisor • Securities Analyst • Investment Banker We groom you to become a promising businessperson through creative learning techniques and practices. Job Opportunities • International Business Adviser • International Business Researcher 21