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creativity + entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship This program is your first step towards becoming an entrepreneur. Regardless of different educational backgrounds, students have the potential to start and grow new entrepreneurial ventures of any kind. Our students are dynamic, well informed and highly skilled individuals who want to create, innovate and drive change. They are visionary leaders capable of expanding possibilities and making new realities. Job Opportunities • Business Owner • Family Owned Business • Business Adviser GCEE (Global Consortium for Entrepreneurial Education) GCEE is a special curriculum of Babson College’s program for Entrepreneurship department. The purpose of this program is to connect GCEE members with each other and act as a catalyst for important discussion and information sharing. By sharing individual success stories, learning experiences, students embark on this entrepreneurial journey together. As Thailand’s exclusive GCEE member, BUSEM works with an international consortium of like-minded institutions that are active in advancing modern entrepreneurship education. Master of Management in Entrepreneurship (MME) As Babson’s exclusive partner in Thailand, BUSEM has collaborated closely with their Babson counterparts in the design of the MME program. This includes the program’s development strategy, the Babson-based curriculum, co-teaching and faculty development, and integrated co-curricular activities such as B3 Incubation Center. As a result, BUSEM’s MME is highly progressive that is relevant in both global and local contexts. The students are modern entrepreneurs who are committed to making a real difference in a variety of enterprises, from family-owned businesses to large professional organizations. 13