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Job Opportunities • Hotel Owner, Hotel Manager • Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Manager • Chef, Food Stylist, Caterer • Florist, Spa Manager, Event Planner Scholarships at Bangkok University creativity + entrepreneurship Hotel and Restaurant Management The Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Restaurant Management is designed to help students become astute leaders in the hospitality business. It prepares students to be in management positions and become successful entrepreneurs with solid knowledge, professional experience and practical skills that are suitable for challenging careers in hotel, restaurant and service related business. The course is completed with internship work experience at some of the finest establishments worldwide. Bangkok University is home to some of the most notable scholarship programs in the country. About 140 scholarships and oustanding academic achievement awards are granted to students each year. The majority of the scholarships are given by the University itself. This includes the BU Diamond Scholarship, which provides full tuition and a monthly stipend for those with exceptional academic achievement and the BU Creative Scholarship, which is available for students with outstanding creative thinking and talent- as opposed to academic achievement –making it one of the most unique program available. 9