Creative Play Retailer May 2021 - Page 12

Want the Mona Lisa in your Livingroom ?

It ’ s all about Who , What , and When .

When you ’ re planning a big heist at a big fancy museum , you ’ ll need a plan . That ’ s what this brand new game is all about .
THE PLAN : Steal the most valuable treasures from the museum . And here ’ s how to do it …
The WHO : Every round , players assemble a team of experts to gather priceless artifacts . But the available artifacts can only be snatched by experts in that category . For example , a precious sapphire necklace can only be obtained by a gem expert ( like Claudia la Fabuleuse ).
The WHAT : There are a variety of exquisite pieces available , but they vary from round to round . There are dinosaur bones , ancient Egyptian artifacts , oil paintings , and more ! So players take a look at the treasures they desire , and then form a team of experts to go after them .
The WHEN : Once all the teams are revealed , treasures can be snagged . But if two or more players have matching teams they cancel each other out and cannot collect the treasure . So players need to try and anticipate what other players are planning and make sure they don ’ t leave empty handed .
To win in The Plan , players need to send in the right experts to grab the right artifacts at just the right time . It ’ s a simple concept . But games are filled with guessing …. 2nd guessing …. and even 3rd guessing .
There ’ s a great blend of skill , bluffing , and just plain luck . Every round is filled with Ooh ’ s and Aah ’ s , and as soon as a game ends , players look around and say “ Let ’ s play that again ”.
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