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For the past several years , Kevin and Steve have had a blast selling their growing family of simple , fast games : TENZI , SLAPZI , ITZI and PAIRZI . It ’ s been a whirlwind of laughs and fun .
Yet behind the scenes , there was another story playing out . Kevin ’ s son , Collin had another idea for a game . He told his father , “ When kids play with blocks , they ’ re usually slow and deliberate . Why don ’ t we take regular building blocks and turn them into a speed game ?”
A few weeks later , Collin pitched the idea to Kevin and Steve . Steve also liked the concept of a speed building game , but he didn ’ t like using regular old blocks . So off and on over the next three years the guys would meet and , bit-by-bit , improve the game , which they had started calling BUILDZI . But those old block shapes continued to bother Steve ... so when he stumbled upon the cool pentomino shapes you see in the game now , well things just fell into place !
, Inc .
How to attack a craze headon ! You want to offer something to capitalize on the fidget toy craze … and here it is ! Fidgit Stix ! People have been fidgeting with our product for years … but it ’ s never been presented specifically for that use .
Well , now it is ! 36 colorful “ Fidgit Stix ” in a bright package that will be eye-catching by the register or in your fidget toy section . Ideas on the back mention fidgety fingers on airplanes ( I relate to that one !)… or in long , boring zoom meetings ( that one , too )… or any of a zillion times you just need something in your hands to play with . Fidgit Stix are soft , pliable , quiet and endlessly reusable . ( But you knew that !)
Non-toxic , Fidgit Stix are also applicable for children who need quiet , calming sensory play . Ideal for those movers and shakers in the classroom , or children on the autism spectrum who need a calming in-hand manipulative .
Available to ship now ; ready to hang . Just $ 6.95 MSRP .
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Romanoff Products manufactures and distributes contemporary plastic products for the home , office , school and workshop . We offer all of our products in a veritable rainbow of bright and beautiful colors . Each product is thoughtfully created to answer our customers needs . Be sure to stop by our website to see some of our wonderfully curated products .
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