Creative Play Retailer August 2021 - Page 24

Play . All . Day .

I always knew when it was Wednesday . The smell of hot buttered popcorn and our doorbell ding-donging away alerted me to the excitement that my dad was ushering in game night . I grew up with games : games on shelves , games in sheds , and games under beds . Games were tucked in purses , pockets , and pantries ; all a treasure trove of memories and invaluable time together . When I had a family of my own , my game obsession multiplied , and a new generation of gamers rose from those dusty boxes of pure gold stored neatly in stacks behind a broken-down boat with a bent , unrecognizable propeller .
With the arrival of a third generation , the “ I ” became “ we ”, and we wanted to share our beloved card games with our kids and grandkids . We realized that these games were too difficult for them to understand and enjoy . We gathered our team , and we began redesigning and reimagining those wonderful oldies so that we could all love playing them equally . We created new , unique games too . Our goal is to produce games that are educational and fun for all ages ( and don ’ t be surprised if the fun continues after the kids have gone to bed )!
We ’ re saving a spot for you at our table !
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