Creative Freedom RPG Creative Freedom RPG Volume 2 Issue 3

CREATIVE FREEDOM RPG August-March 2015 Volume 2 Issue 3 Thank you! The site continues to grow and change every day, with more people joining to add to the unique experience that is Creative Freedom RPG! Over the past several months we have continue to grow and prosper, not only as a site but a community as a whole. When I started this site 8 years ago, it was with a dream to make a place where people can come together write and enjoy themselves freely. I feel that we are as close to this goal as one could ever possibly hope to achieve and for that I owe it all to those loyal members who have continued to come and make Creative Freedom the site is today. So, for that I just want to start off this issue with a BIG THANK YOU! To everyone :) Tag Mod The long awaited Tag mod has been completed and implemented! We have a rather detailed list of 40 tags for members to use to better help members find that rp to satisfy their Creative Itch! Future Mods As always we are constantly looking for ways to expand and make the site just better. Though perfect is near impossible to reach, we still plan on trying to get damn close! There are several in the works that we will discuss at length with the idea and hope to make Creative Freedom even better. Medals! Medals! Medals! As always there are a few people out there on the site that have earned themselves some medals. Trever, has earned himself the very first Best Death medal for how he murdered his own character in the first post of his rp. And the RP ~Sin~, has earned the most rp related medals on the site to date, which has earned the writers from it an exclusive interview within the pages of this very issue. Remember! The medals are nominated and rewarded based on what the users decide, not staff. While, you can’t nominate yourself, take the time to read the works of others and reward those whose work you admire! Maybe they will return the favor? In This Issue  Mods and Updates  Contests  Roleplays  GM Interview  Future Plans  Letter from the Staff