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For a short time , the global footprint of the program included a second location in Puerto Rico which served all of Latin America . In 2017 studios and classes were offered in San Juan which served as the summer residency site for the region .
“ With the move to Latin America , we really embraced the international dimensions of dance ,” said Christina Teague-Mann , assistant professor of dance and coordinator of international initiatives for the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities in which the MFA in choreography is housed . “ Our program was the first graduate-level degree in dance in Puerto Rico and the first low-residency MFA in Latin America . As we ’ ve broadened our footprint it ’ s been wonderful to share and incorporate different influences . Today we are truly a global program that honors the nuances of local cultures and geographies .”
Just like its students , the MFA in choreography has also been in transition over the last decade , evolving from regional to national to international prominence , and through the years , it has weathered a few storms , literally and figuratively . On Sept . 20 , 2017 , Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico as a strong category 4 storm with sustained winds of 155 mph . As a result , the Puerto Rico location was closed , and the 2018 summer residency that would have been held there combined with the residency at White Oak , bringing 34 artists and researchers together .
More recently , as the pandemic brought a screeching halt to many international endeavors in higher education , the MFA in choreography was able to continue throughout 2020 , due in large part , to the flexibility its low-residency format allows .
“ Response to COVID-19 created a focus on expanding the scope of choreography for sustainability and brought forward new understandings that were centered on the question : ‘ how do choreographers fit into the landscape of creative research for innovation and change ?’ said Teague-Mann . Specifically , faculty evaluated the pedagogical approach for the Examining Practice courses – core courses for the MFA Choreograph – to establish a solid foundation for the expanded conceptualization of choreography .
“ Attention to this expansion did not negate the students ' previous knowledge of choreography . Rather , it allowed the student ’ s previous knowledge to shift , taking critical perspectives into the choreographic movement – choreography as extended practice ,” explained Teague-Mann . “ In this way the body is subject , tool and material and converges with relational practices , aesthetics and participatory aesthetics to help structure ways in which choreography may enter into interdisciplinary dialogues .”
While the last few years have held challenges , growth and many successes , the MFA in choreography has steadily continued the work of advancing the careers and aspirations of its degree candidates . From the world ’ s biggest stages , to classrooms , to studios and businesses , they have taken what they have learned at Jacksonville University , and they have shared their transitions as performers , choreographers , researchers and any other roles to which they ’ ve ascended . They are the butterflies , and for a short time , the MFA in choreography was their encouraging , inspiring and creative cocoon .
“ It ’ s fascinating for me to go to conferences and to see our alumni being leaders in the field ,” Palmer said . “ To hear them say with pride that they came from our program shows that we ’ ve offered a degree that has prepared them for their futures , and I love that . ”
By Jacqueline Palsha
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Faculty Accomplishments Faculty Accomplishments Director of Jazz Studies and Artist- in-Residence in Music, John Ricci’s video production and jazz quartet performance of an original piece from his debut album, Ballerina, was accepted to the this year’s National Public Radio Tiny Desk Concert Competition. Adjunct Professors of Jazz Scott Giddens and Stanley Piper accompanied Prof. Ricci on the award- winning recording. Jacksonville University hosted the fourth annual Summer Chamber Music Intensive in 2021. High school students from Savannah to Sarasota experienced college life, staying in Oak Hall, while practicing and studying music throughout the day and evening. Co-directors, Dr. Shannon Lockwood and Dr. Marguerite Richardson, were joined by JU faculty Dr. Scott Watkins and Brian Magnus, and guest faculty Stephanie Lindsay, Kevin Casseday (Jacksonville Symphony), Timothy Edwards, and Dr. Holly Attar (Northern Kentucky University) as instructors for the week. JU music majors, Armando Atanda, Joseph Brantley, Sumer Fox, Marco Melendez, Casey Mikhedok, AJ Pulliam, Sophia Schlenoff, and Sarah-Iyuna Spencer (six out of eight of these students are former CMI campers that have since matriculated as JU students) worked as camp interns, mentoring campers throughout the week. Associate Professor of English, Ed McCourt published the essay “To Grow Before Spring” in the Winter 2021 edition of Blue Mountain Review. Tiffany Leach, Associate Professor of Art and Department of Visual Arts Chair, was invited to exhibit at the Jacksonville International Airport as a featured 3D artist in the Connector Bridge Showcases and the Haskell Gallery. Prof. Leach was selected to exhibit in the prestigious NCECA Annual Exhibition. The work 30 More Days to Flatten the Curve was featured in the 2021 conference exhibition titled Social Recession. Dr. Erich Freiberger, Professor of Philosophy, was appointed to the Ethics Commission of the City of Jacksonville in 2021. He chaired a session and presented a paper titled “On Hunting and Acting in Plato’s Sophist, Statesman and Republic” at the virtual meeting of the South-Central Renaissance Conference.Assistant Professor and Chair of Theatre, Erik DeCicco; and Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Dr. Megan Bewernitz presented “Toward Transdisciplinarity at a Liberal Arts University: Building a Foundation for Integrating the Arts and Health Sciences” in panel format. Professor of Spanish, Latin American Literature and International Studies, Dr. Jorge Majfud’s book, La Frontera Salvaje, was released to international acclaim and ranked #2 on Amazon Bestsellers list in the category of Politics and Spanish.Laura Winn, Assistant Professor of Art History, presented her paper “Mimicry or Mockery? Hilda Rix Nicholas’s Ambivalent, Antipodean Orientalism” during the Eastern Questions: New Perspectives on British Orientalism symposium at Royal Holloway, University of London. Dana C. Tupa, Professor of Art and Stein College Associate Dean, accepted an invitation to exhibit her nature inspired sculptures during the La Vie en Rose Art & Wine Festival near Ashville, NC. Hosted by Marked Tree Vineyards, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the Arts Council of Henderson County, Tupa reserves the distinct honor of premier artist for the winery. The works spring from observations and conversations spanning the winery’s inaugural batch aging years through the time of pandemic. An interdisciplinary team from Brooks and Stein Colleges presented at the Mayo Clinic 2021 Humanities in Medicine Symposium. The annual gathering showcases best practices and research related to the Health Humanities. Adjunct Professor, Edith Moore Hubert; Associate Professor and Chair of Music, Kimberly Beasley; Professor of Dance, Cari Martin-Freiberger; Alex Willemin, Assistant Professor of Film, was honored as recipient of the Rising Star Award by the Jacksonville Film and Television Association for “outstanding contributions and achievements to Jacksonville’s film and television industry” Professor of Spanish, Jorge Majfud, delivered a lecture virtually to the University of California entitled, “What Good is Culture?” in November, 2021. His book La Frontera Salvaje was released in a new edition in Spain. His latest book, La privatización de la verdad (The privatization of Truth), will be published by the University of Valencia Press. Assistant Professor of Art History, Dr. Laura Winn’s abstract titled “Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Orientalist Aesthetic Escape to North Africa” was accepted to the NCSA’s (Nineteenth-Century Studies Association) 42nd annual national conference. Professor of Philosophy Dr. Scott Kimbrough’s essay “Identity Pleas and Excuses” appeared in Flash Philosophy. 12 Prof. Tony Steve, Artist-in-Residence in Music, was invited to participate in the 2021 International Marimba Orchestra. The ensemble performed for the 2021 Percussive Arts Society Convention and completed a residency at Kutztown University Center for Mallet Percussion Research. Assistant Professor of French, Dr. Tamara Caudill, published “It Takes Two: Considerations of Voice and Performance of the Male-Female Tenso,” in Gender and Voice in Medieval French Literature and Lyric, ed. Rachel Golden and Katherine Kong (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2021). Lana Heylock, Associate Professor of Dance, was contributor to a recent Dance Magazine article on the part- time college dancer and alternatives to traditional routes of dance education. w w w .j u . e d u / s t e i n c o l l e g e Stein College School of Performing Arts faculty Drs. Scott Watkins, Marguerite Richardson and Shannon Lockwood, and Professors Brian Osborne, Todd Lockwood, Brian Magnus, and Eric Olson all performed in the Jacksonville Symphony’s presentation of Handel’s holiday classic, Messiah. There were two performances which had limited in-person seating, and the event was also live-streamed free-of-charge to the community. Performing in the Jacksonville Symphony’s presentation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet were Professors Stephanie Magnus and Les Roettges. For all performances, COVID-19 guidelines were followed for the benefit of performers and audience members alike. Nick McNally, Assistant Professor of Illustration and Ron Edelen, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, authored EPIC grants to support the Print Shop, a new collaboration between Visual and Media Arts. Dr. Tamara Caudill, Assistant Professor of French, co-edited a special volume of Le Cygne: Journal of the International Marie de France Society, “Teaching Marie de France,” with Glyn S. Burgess (University of Liverpool). Professors Erik DeCicco and Jay Ivey were honored with Excellence in Direction for their work in the Fall 2020 production of Diastole at Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Dr. Erich Freiberger, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, presented a paper entitled “The Platonic Intertexts in Hamlet” to the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference at Owens College in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Laura Winn Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Madeleine Wagner, mounted an exhibition titled She tries to be perfect, she fails, it is okay at the Young Harris College (PA) Campus Gate Gallery. w w w .j u . e d u / s t e i n c o l l e g e 13