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“ There ’ s a lot of commercial value and benefit to designers in the marketplace ,” he said . “ So we talk about how you charge for what you do from a fee-for-service base . How do you negotiate salaries ? What ’ s the difference between hourly and value based ? All kinds of things that we need to discuss as creative individuals in today ’ s economy . But it ’ s hugely important to justify the value that we bring .”
Along with the upper-level design classes he teaches at Jacksonville University School of Art & Design , Edelen teaches a course in creative entrepreneurship . There , he ’ s able to impart his knowledge and help students better sell their talents .
If students want similar gigs to his following graduation , Edelen stresses the importance of finding a niche within design , whether that ’ s a field of study or design specialization . For him , that ’ s emerging technology such as mixed reality , motion and immersive interactive design .
“ When there ’ s a project associated with those areas of interest , I raise my hand and we jump onto it ,” he said .
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