Creative Crafting Magazine Creative Crafting February 2012 | Page 2

G CP Crafter�s GuildProfessional Do you own a small craft business? Are you fed up of friends and customers thinking it is just a hobby? Join us now and receive your unique registration number, certificate and badges for your website to show just how serious you are about being a working crafter. Help us to elevate the status of handmade gifts and take advantage of special Guild Discounts from craft suppliers. Creative Connections is sponsored by Hosts of CRAFT fest UPLOAD PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to promote your creations Join in on the FUN IN THE FORUMCustomise yourOWN PROFILE PAGE CHAT CHAT Spend time in our CHAT ROOMand host your ownCHAT EVENTSBecome a part of aWONDERFUL COMMUNITY Take part in ONLINE CRAFT FAIRSPromoteyour businessandNETWORK n o p t u v l j a n o p t u v l j a no p t l j a C r e at i ve C o nnections Crafter�s Network Sponsored by CREATIVE Crafting CRAFT fest AVirtual Craft EXTRAVAGANZA Browse through the selection ofvirtual stores Handmade crafts at their best! from the comfort of your own home. LIVE online ! march