Creative Child October 2018 - Page 17

Become good listeners. Good listeners are never without a plethora of friends because most people want to be heard before they listen. Good listeners also make some of the best leaders. The best way to teach this is to our kids is to role model this in our own relationships and when we talk to our children. Practice gratitude. Feeling thankful is often thought of as a dutiful thing to do. And while we certainly should teach our kids to be grateful for the good things in their lives, gratitude also services the self in the end. Learning to be thankful paves the way for optimistic thoughts, which eventually leads to confidence. When you feel good about the outlook on your own life, you can be happy for others too. But gratitude, like everything else, requires practice. One way to practice gratitude is through a gratitude journal, which has proven to improve health, quality of sleep and a person’s overall well-being. One thing to remember when trying to raise the kind of nice kids who finish first is that it takes time and investment. Just as it takes time to teach a child how to be competitive and how to learn from their mistakes, it also takes time to raise well-mannered, thoughtful, empathetic, charitable future citizens of our world. 16