Creative Child October 2018 - Page 15

We have come to value instead qualities like assertiveness, without realizing that the two qualities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, it’s hard to be a good leader, employee, spouse or citizen if you haven’t developed the patience, manners, empathy, and humility to help others. Here’s how to raise the kind of nice children that finish first. Have a win-win mentality. Seeing life as a cooperative arena and not a competitive one requires believing there is plenty of success out there. It requires focusing on the long- term goals of who you want your child to become versus on the more short term goals, like winning a single game. When you teach your child to share recognition and be happy for others, he will gain the respect and mutual support of another peer, teammate and friend. Invest in others. There is a thrill and sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you have the ability to help someone. When you’re little, you might not be able to make grand gestures. But even a kind encouraging word, donating a birthday gifts you’ve received, or passing a ball to a teammate, is a great place to start in experiencing the kind of fulfillment that comes from helping someone. Those who have taken the time to invest in others naturally learn to feel good about themselves and their ability to help others, instead of finding their worth through accomplishments, which is a pressure that produces anxiety. 14